VCA Symposium

The VCA symposium 2014 is a 3-day event consisting of the following:

  • Open review of 20 design projects presented by 10 international university teams by a panel of jury and experts. The design explores new urban paradigm that houses 100 000 people on 1sq km of land with the theme of "Everyone Connects". The site is located in Mumbai, India.
  • Lectures by invited experts on urban design and jury members.
  • Jury Forum in which the jury members will discuss their reflections and the issues raised by the various design projects.
  • An exhibition of VCA 2013 and VCA 2014 design schemes and models.


The aim of the VCA symposium is to use the 20 design projects to surface issues and explore potentials in addressing challenges of Asian high density urbanism. This year, the focus is on connectivity and achieving liveability.

The Symposium is a sharing and learning platform for students, researchers and professionals. They will benefit from the discussions and reflections of ideas initiated by the design explorations.